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Working with Brandon at Code Nutrition Coaching has truly changed my entire outlook on health. I had tried lots of different diets and weight loss crazes. None of them worked long term for me. I would see quick success and then immediately gain it all back a few weeks later because I hadn’t really been taught anything about nutrition. I had not been given any tools to take those weight loss methods and incorporate them into my everyday life going forward. Brandon taught me the importance of knowing what went into the calories I took in. He was always there to answer any questions that came up, provide a little encouragement when needed, or just to give you “Great Job this week Brother”.

I was able to drop 30 pounds, lost 7.5% body fat, and lowered my Visceral Fat level (amount of fat surrounding your organs) to a point where I am now lower than the average man my age. We did this during a global pandemic when half the world was shut down and most people I knew actually gained weight. I can’t wait to see what Brandon can do for me going forward. This time next year I plan to be in the best shape of life thanks to Brandon. Can’t wait to keep grinding and getting better. ~ Brandon Moore

Three kids in three years does some work on your body. I never realized just how hard it was. The constant stretching and contracting. The added weight just to try to get it off again. I fully believe you should look and feel your best even after you get married. I know my husband will always see me as beautiful but I want to feel it too.

After the third baby, I was really struggling to lose weight. I was very limited on what I could do because I was nursing. I thought there has to be a way. I am not going to lie, it has been a slow journey but it’s exactly what I needed. There is no magic pill and no quick fix. You have to put in the work.

I wasn’t sure how long I could do this. I’ve tried so many “diets” over the years and I found the more strict I was, the better my results but I could never maintain this. I got tired of eating perfect and go off the deep end. Then I would hate how I felt for a long time. I’d watch myself gain weight and be so mad. Obsessed with the scale and letting it define me.

Over the past 5 months, not only have I lost 12 pounds, which I know doesn’t sound like much, but my relationship with food has changed completely. I no longer feel guilty. I choose to make healthy choices 90% of the time. Not because I feel like I should or have to, but because I want to. That means I still get to enjoy pizza from time to time.

I could never thank Brandon enough for changing my mind. That’s what was really damaged. I am forever grateful for him.


Rhyana Baker

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About Your Coach Robyn Stewart

Living in Lethbridge Canada, Robyn Stewart has a love for being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She developed a curiosity and passion for all things nutrition, paired with a love for CrossFit and feels extremely lucky to be able to help others achieve their personal goals.

As a Registered Nurse, Robyn understands that addressing clients as a whole person is essential in order to achieve their goals — it's not just about food!

Robyn holds the following certifications: