If you are like most people, diets suck!

Let’s take a look at why and what we can do to change our mindset around our diet. For most people, because they do not track and they don’t even know how many calories, let alone macros they should be taking in, they are not in the right place to even begin to diet. Believe it or not, most people are taking in a lot fewer calories then they should be daily. If this is you, you are not in the right place to diet down and expect to lose weight in a healthy way.

For those that are in a large calorie surplus daily because they don’t keep up with their calories are most likely getting those calories from high carbohydrates and high fats. These two macronutrients are fuel sources. The body will use them as needed and store the rest as fat if not used in the right time or situation.

So how do we change our diet mindset? To start, you should only spend a small part of the year actually dieting down. Now, we should always be aware of where our diet is but, we cannot know where we are or should be until we determine how many calories we truly should be taking in daily. We need to determine our RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) plus an exercise factor to determine our TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

Once we determine our TDEE, we need to make sure you have a period of consistency at this number of calories so that our body is at its metabolic set point. For those that are under in calories, you are going to need to reverse diet slowly back to the right number of calories. This needs to be a process that takes time. You do not want to suddenly add 500-1000 calories a day back into your diet. This will not be fun and will set you up for failure. So, add them back in a couple hundred at a time. If you have been taking in a large surplus of calories, which is rare, try bringing your calories back to where they should be and creating the consistency of just meeting your calories.

Before we get into a change of mindset, please learn and understand the diet you are on and what the purpose is. At the end of the day, there are really only two types of diets you should be looking at and they should fit you. There is low carb or low fat.

Before dieting down, you mentally need to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. Dieting down is not easy for anyone. But understanding that the road doesn’t have to be a miserable road to travel. When you diet down, understand what you can and can’t do. That will help you with achieving your goal. Whichever diet path you choose, you need to make sure and understand the process. Learn the foods that fit the diet and which ones may not fit your diet very well. Understand that hunger is a good sign that your metabolism is working. When you are dieting down, we want you to be hungry. We have taken calories away, so you should be hungry.

As with all things in life, you can look at your diet negatively or positively. You can create discipline in not giving into the cravings around you and know that you have a goal. When you enter into a diet, I would encourage you to have an accountability partner. Someone that you hold accountable and vice versa. There will be a time of temptation, and hopefully, you will have an accountability partner to keep you on track.

For many people, one bad meal or day will ruin their diet. Get back up and get started the next meal or day. One meal is small in the big picture of 6-8-12 weeks of dieting. So change your mindset that the diet has to be a miserable journey and look at it in a positive manner. You can achieve your goal.