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Create success with-in your diet while still being able to have your favorite alcoholic beverage!

NO diet is easy! But by following a plan, you can still live the social life that you love & look great doing so.

Nutrition and fitness goals become more than a wish or a dream when you have a clear picture of where you are. Combine that with what you’re willing to do to get where you want to go and goals become a reality. We’ll help you determine and understand where you are in the Triangle of Awareness: aesthetics, longevity of life, and performance. Armed with that knowledge, we’ll then design a nutrition plan that’s in alignment with the goals you want to achieve. It’s time to reach for the stars and enjoy the journey!

There is more to a diet than just “calories in, calories out”.

This FREE Resource covers…




Muscle Gain vs Fat Loss








Alcohol & Your Body


Tips for Consuming Alcohol


Calories & Macronutrients


How to Set Up a Diet

To Booze & Looze, you need a plan.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

That quote comes from Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest achievers of all time. If your goal is to include your favorite alcoholic drink in your daily nutrition plan, you might want to heed his warning. Many people forget that they can easily drink just as many calories (or more) than they eat. If you want to “booze & looze”, it’s time to learn how to set up your diet for SUCCESS while getting to enjoy yourself along the way. So, stop wishing and hoping for better results … let’s get to work and CREATE the perfect plan that will help you crush your nutrition goals and have FUN while doing it!

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