About Brandon

About Brandon

I have been a firefighter/paramedic for the past 20 years. My passion in life is helping others. Because of my job as a firefighter, I have tried to work out hard and keep myself fit. I always believed if I worked out hard, I could keep a six-pack and be healthy. With age, I learned that the old saying “you can’t outwork a bad diet”, is absolutely true. In the firehouse, we did not eat healthy in any way the first part of my career. This lead me to getting a bit heavy over time and not being as fit as I believed I was.

I began coaching CrossFit 7 years ago because I love helping others and I saw the value in CrossFit. But over time, I started to notice that people would come in and work hard and not see great results and I began to question why! This is because although they had started working out, and this is great, they had not changed their old habits of nutrition. So this lead me into the space of nutrition.

I began studying and learning all that I could about diet and nutrition. I wanted to make a difference for others and wanted to learn why people fail on diets. I found that failure came from a couple of reasons.

1. Lack of knowledge and understanding
2. Application

I started Code Nutrition Coaching to begin helping others with the application of diet and nutrition. To teach others that dieting does not have to be a miserable thing. That diets don’t have to be restrictive. Let Code Nutrition Coaching help you learn diet and nutrition.