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What We Do at Code Nutrtion Coaching

With our one on one coaching, we design a nutrition plan around you, your lifestyle, and your goals. We set a macro based prescription to fit each of these and hold you accountable through weekly personal check-ins.Transformational Diet Coaching like you’ve never experienced! Finding your code for sustainable and accountable nutrition!

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Diet and Nutrition Truth

Diet and Nutrition Truth

I wanted to talk a little truth to those that really need to hear it and probably there's a lot more that need to hear it than don’t. I wanted to come and talk about diet nutrition and failure. The reason why diet and nutrition fail is that you failed,...

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Why do I need to track macros?

Why do I need to track macros?

For many people, the thought of tracking your food sounds terrible. And what are macros anyway? Macros are protein, fats, and carbohydrates that your body uses for energy and building and repairing the body. What is left over is stored as fat. These macros...

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Dieting Mindset

If you are like most people, diets suck!Let’s take a look at why and what we can do to change our mindset around our diet. For most people, because they do not track and they don’t even know how many calories, let alone macros they should be taking in,...

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YQL Nutrition  Specializes In

  • Weight loss
  • Sport Performance
  • Aesthetics
  • Enhanced Health
  • Living Your Quality Life!

About Your Coach Robyn Stewart

Living in Lethbridge Canada, Robyn Stewart has a love for being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She developed a curiosity and passion for all things nutrition, paired with a love for CrossFit and feels extremely lucky to be able to help others achieve their personal goals.

As a Registered Nurse, Robyn understands that addressing clients as a whole person is essential in order to achieve their goals — it's not just about food!

Robyn holds the following certifications: